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Founded in 2000, ME Exchange Ltd has helped thousands of customers move hundreds of millions of pounds around the globe. We simply don't have the large overheads of the major banks and are able to pass these savings on to our customers by providing better value for money on foreign exchange services.

Independent research has shown that the lowest rates offered by ME Exchange "were 1.27% better than the lowest rates at the high street banks". This has translated into savings of hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds for many customers.

Our services have been endorsed widely in the media. ME Exchange is frequently featured in the national press, including the Financial Times, Daily Express, Sunday Telegraph and the Observer and specialist publications including Island Life, Living Spain and Everything Spain.

Our rates are based on the live currency markets, not on arbitrary rates published once or twice a day from a faceless head office. Customers speak directly with the dealers who carry out their transactions, working together to secure the best rates available to fit with the customer's timetable.

We provide both 'spot' contracts to fulfil immediate requirements and 'forward' contracts to guarantee a rate for a future date. In all cases, once you've agreed a rate with your dealer over the phone, this rate is fixed regardless of subsequent fluctuations in the market.

In addition to great rates, we also provide a faster more personal service than that found on the high street. Our customers include corporate clients, expats sending regular payments such as mortgages and pensions and individuals buying boats and property overseas or importing vehicles. We also offer a home delivery service for cash and travellers' cheques, a full travel booking service, an investment gold purchasing plan and a number of other related products and services.

We work on behalf of our customers to make sure that the transfer of their funds is as quick and painless as possible. Our multilingual staff are on hand to liaise with the recipient of the funds (if necessary) to ensure that the whole process is completed smoothly.

By striving to provide excellent value and exceptional customer service, we believe we can make a difference.

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