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How the Process Works

Once your trading facility is in place, you can carry out a foreign currency trade by following the simple steps below.

To set up a free foreign currency trading facility you will need to complete a simple application form. You can start this process either by filling out our online enquiry form or by downloading an application form that you can print, fill out and return by post or fax.

We can set up a trading facility for you in less than a day. Once this is in place, just call your account manager when you want to make a trade and he or she will manage every step of the process.

Call ME Exchange for a quote.
Advise your account manager of the currency and the amount to be exchanged.
Agree a rate and confirm you want to proceed.
Receive the contract note that's faxed or e-mailed to you.
Sign the contract note, add the onward payment details and return it.
Transfer the agreed amount to ME Exchange's designated client account.
Relax - upon receipt of your funds ME Exchange will forward your foreign currency to your designated recipient account and send appropriate confirmation.

If you need advice or just require more information,

please feel free to Contact Us.